As companies around the globe realise the value of outsourcing the management of their print infrastructures, Dynamic Software Solutions helps Office Equipment Suppliers leverage this value by matching you with the right Managed Print software to fit your customers’ needs at a fair price. Check out our MPS software offerings below, and complete the contact form to get started.

ECI’s Printanista software brings together the best, industry-leading software solutions—FMAudit, PrintFleet, and Print Audit—to provide critical printing data from most major manufacturers in one location.

Printanista Hub is a powerful, easy to use managed print solution offering data collection, supply triggered alerts, automated supply fulfilment, comprehensive reporting, and a connection directly to your ERP. Take it one step further and let us host it in a secure, scalable, managed environment enabling you to focus on your customers and not worry about software infrastructure.

What’s new?

Data Collection

The enhanced data collection agent (DCA) uses model definition files, custom scan intervals, differential transmission, and remote management features on a cross- platform deployment model (Windows®, macOS®, Linux®, and Raspberry Pi®) to ensure you can monitor more devices in more customer environments.

Remote Device Link

Connecting remotely to the web interfaces of printing machines means you can troubleshoot or adjust configurations of a device without having to send a technician onsite, saving you time and money.


New Intelligent Data Collection Appliance makes data collection easy


As an alternative to the regular software DCA, the new Intelligent Data Collection Appliance (iDCA) for Office Technology Suppliers works with ECI’s FMAudit or Printanista Hub. It quickly and reliably captures customer printer-metric data regardless of whether staff are working in the office using servers, in the cloud, or from home to help eliminate expensive and time-consuming managed print service monitoring and support.

The iDCA drastically reduces the time technicians are out in the field dealing with software DCA issues. It’s also a perfect fit for SMB and WFH environments, as it eliminates the requirement of a server or laptop that needs to be running all the time, which can be problematic in the growing number of serverless and ‘work from home’ environments.

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Automatically turn consumption into environmental offsets

PrintReleaf enables companies to reforest and offset the carbon for paper and fibre-based products they use every day. PrintReleaf accurately measures a customer’s consumption, and then make it actionable. Companies can choose an automated integration or report their data manually. Next, they select their preferred offsets and track and share their progress with stakeholders.

Certified Reforestation

Help your clients be good corporate citizens with PrintReleaf’s automated global reforestation software. PrintReleaf collects paper consumption data from the source via third-party printer monitoring software installed on the device. Regardless of the origin of the paper or how it is used, PrintReleaf precisely measures paper consumption on-demand. A customer’s paper footprint is represented by the aggregate total of their paper consumption across all sources over time. At the end of each month, each customer’s cumulative paper footprint is distributed evenly to the reforestation projects of their choice.

Verified Carbon Offsets

In addition to offering reforestation to offset the biomass of the paper and fiber-based materials your business consumes, PrintReleaf facilitates offsetting the carbon associated with the production of these industry-critical resources.

By offsetting the carbon emissions associated with your paper and fiber-based materials footprint, PrintReleaf’s Verra certified Carbon Offsets check the box in your list of Scope 3 carbon emissions.

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    We’ve been using FMAudit for 5 years now and Dynamic Software Solutions is considered an integral partner to our business. I’ve witnessed the FMAudit product evolve considerably over these five years and I look forward to seeing that evolution continue over the next five.
    We highly recommend Dynamic Software Solutions and FMAudit.
    Robert Page, Director, Queensland Business Machines

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