The most intuitive PDF Editor on the Market

As the most intuitive interface with all the features most businesses need day to day and with a great price point Kofax Power PDF is a stand out in the market.  The layout follows the standards of the lead office products and the functionality is superior in every way.


With integration to the DSS Connect scan platform you can receive scans directly from the MFP, modify the scans into Word, Excel or full text searchable PDFs, send them on for review and save copies.

Document Conversion

Power PDF is a top performer in converting PDF files to Excel, Word, flowing text and other formats with it’s inbuilt OCR technology.

Digital Transformation

PDF is a key to digital transformation in a firm.  Once documents have been finalised the end result is normally a PDF.  Scanned files also mostly stay in PDF format and hence it’s no wonder PDFs make up such a large proportion of files in document management systems.  A full featured editor like Power PDF will help you work with PDFs efficiently and allow you to stop printing PDFs so you can work digitally.


Get the most out of Power PDF with our training courses.  The Standard course will get users up and running in a 1 hour session.  The Advanced course provides for 4x 1 hour training sessions to get your power users fully skilled up.  Our training team can also work with you to customise a course suitable for your business.

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