Ordyss is an award-winning, industry-leading Managed Service Provider (MSP). Focused on medium-sized organisations, the company is committed to delivering comprehensive services, support and technology that make a difference to the organisations they partner with.

With more than 60 IT professionals onboard, Ordyss provides extensive and deep IT capability to support the needs of its clients. The company’s capability includes the provision of end-to-end management of hardware infrastructure, software support, service-desk services, communications, cybersecurity and enterprise printing.

As an integral part of the daily operations of its clients, Ordyss ensures their client’s IT experience is as effortless, efficient and cost-effective as possible. As a result, the company is always assessing new technologies to help improve the delivery of IT services as well as the user experience. One IT challenge it identified among its client base were the constant headaches created by print servers. According to Scott Jackson, Director, Ordyss, many of the company’s clients were frustrated by the downtime caused by print servers malfunctioning which prevented staff from printing and placed considerable pressure on the MSP’s service-desk. Plus, depending on the legacy print architecture in place, Ordyss also found that some clients did not have the flexibility and convenience to print where, when and how they wished, which inhibited the company’s ability to fulfil its promise to make a difference. Another print issue was the on-going need to upgrade their client’s hardware about every four years to ensure best practice. This involves migrating print servers which can be resource-intensive, time-consuming, costly and requires client downtime.

To help overcome these print challenges turned to Dynamic Software Solutions who suggested that Ordyss consider PrinterLogic, a next next-generation, cloud-based print management solution. The solution would enable future migrations to take place seamlessly and without the need for downtime, offer considerable client functionality and reduce demand on the MSP’s service-desk.

Challenge 1: Reducing time and resources spent on print management

“We manage quite a large number of print servers for our clients but they are prone to problems and can become single-points of failure within the clients print environment. And when things are not working normally our service-desk can be overwhelmed with requests for assistance,” explained Scott.

Further, while some problems such as a failing print spooler or printers fail to install correctly can often be fixed quickly, other issues can be more complex requiring significant time and manpower to rectify, which places pressure on the resources of MSPs.

The unreliability of print servers can also be a substantial pain point for clients.

“It’s not just that clients may have to put up with the inconvenience of downtime and lost productivity. Depending on the problem, the cost to fix the issue can be significant,” says Scott.


With the implementation of PrinterLogic, Ordyss experienced a considerable drop for service-desk assistance, which in turn placed less pressure on its internal resources, allowing it to focus on other IT objectives.

PrinterLogic is a cloud-based print management solution that eliminates the need for print servers, while allowing MSPs to centrally manage all printers, drivers and settings. By making print servers redundant, the solution delivers considerable print stability and reliability. It is also highly scalable and very easy-to-use.

“As PrinterLogic creates a serverless print infrastructure, it eliminates the typical problems associated with print servers to help deliver an inherently more robust and dependable print environment.  The effect of this is immediate as our service-desk is no longer burdened with server issues,” says Scott.

Print management is also far more efficient thanks to PrinterLogic. The solution offers a web-based admin console through which all clients can be managed. By simply scrolling down the client list and clicking on the client’s name, Ordyss can monitor each client’s day-to-day print operations, and quickly identify and fix issues. PrinterLogic streamlines the monitoring and trouble-shooting process making print management easier and faster.

For the client, the ability to dispense with print servers and the efficiency of PrinterLogic reduces downtime and any associated costs, and the need to invest in capital intensive equipment, while helping to boost productivity.

Challenge 2: Reducing time and resources spent on migration

Another challenge that Ordyss faced was the need to routinely upgrade client hardware to ensure they experienced best practice when printing. This involves migrating servers to the new hardware which can be time-consuming and reduces print availability.


With PrinterLogic implemented however, routine print server migrations are now instantaneous. The solution lets Ordyss import all required data into PrinterLogic without the need to rebuild anything or perform any form of manual migration.

“It’s a very easy solution all-round,” said Scott. “It’s easy to deploy, easy to integrate with client infrastructure as well as cloud identity providers such as Azure AD and Okta, and it makes migration quick, easy and painless. PrinterLogic has substantially reduced the time and resources we now allocate for client migration.”

The client also benefits as no migration downtime keeps costs down and print availability up.

Apart from making migration easy, PrinterLogic’s impressive capacity for growth also makes scalability quick and trouble-free for MSPs. Merging entire print environments is simple and thanks to the high visibility available through the admin console, printers can be easily added or removed as required.

Challenge 3: Delivering advanced print functionality to clients

In line with wishing to make good on their promise to make a difference for clients, Ordyss was also keen to ensure clients had access to advance print features.

“To make a difference and to help our clients remain competitive we’re always eager to offer them state-of-the-art functionality, but this is not always possible mainly because of legacy infrastructure,” explained Scott.


PrinterLogic offers considerable functionality and with the solution now activated Ordyss is able to offer these print capabilities as native features to its client base.

These features include Mobile Printing, Secure Printing, Print Auditing and Off-Network Printing. Mobile Printing allows any mobile or BYOD user, regardless of device, to select and print to any authorised network printer. Print Auditing delivers powerful monitoring and reporting tools so that clients and Ordyss can easily track print activity and expenses. Off-Network Printing allows clients to activate their printers remotely including when they are working from home, and regardless of the network they are on, so that data can be printed as required.

“With PrinterLogic we empower our clients. They have real convenience and genuine flexibility to print as they wish. This also allows us to realise our promise,” said Scott.


For Ordyss the benefits of implementing PrinterLogic have been significant. It has allowed the company to improve the print experience of its clients. It has also reduced the time and resources required to manage its service-desk, migrations and its clients diverse print environments, while driving down costs.

As Scott states, “Using PrinterLogic has delivered a win-win situation both for us and our clients. It’s allowed us to remotely manage our customer print environments, whilst eliminating the need for print servers resulting in a reduction in costs and service-desk calls.”

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