The new Intelligent Data Collection Appliance (iDCA) makes printer data collection easy. It uses patented technology that enables Multi-Function Devices (MFDs) or printers to always report meter, service and consumable data by using a simple stick-on relay box that attaches to the back of any brand MFD or printer. What’s more, it eliminates expensive and time consuming manual managed print service support that has been bogging down businesses for years.

Simply put, no more non-reporting units.

How it works
The iDCA is a compact, standalone device that easily connects to any network port on your customer’s network or in-line with any networked MFP or printer. It can also be physically attached to any MFP or printer via a simple stick-on.

The smart, self-reliant iDCA securely relays all non-sensitive printer-metric data including paper levels, page count and toner levels back to FMAudit Central’s or Printanista Hub’s web-based interface for easy print monitoring and management.

Stop sending technicians out for DCA related issues

The iDCA offers all the functionality of the regular DCA by capturing all non-sensitive, printer-metric data such as paper levels, page count, toner levels, etc from any brand of MFP or printer in next-to real time. However, the iDCA also eliminates the constant hassle and expense of having to reinstall data collection agent software every time a customer’s server is upgraded or re-configured.

Efficient and cost-effective monitoring of customer print data

Less than the cost of one service call, the iDCA will monitor the entire printer fleet so only one iDCA is required per specific customer. The iDCA is also interchangeable and is very easy to configure, and can be re-deployed to other customers seamlessly. Volume order discounts also apply.

No dependancy on the customer’s server or workstation

The iDCA is a stand-alone appliance and has no dependency on your customer’s IT hardware. It is also perfect for the increasing amount of serverless environments such as ‘cloud only’ or  ‘working from home’.

Highly secure

The iDCA is highly secure and reliable as it does not include an OS, and can only communicate over HTTPS and to the desired FMAudit Central or Printanista HUB url. Furthermore, the iDCA can only be configured by the FMAudit or Printanista dealer with a unique configuration tool.

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