SYDNEY, Australia, 25th July 2023 – Dynamic Software Solutions (DSS), a leading wholesale supplier of solutions to IT MSP, Printer and Managed Print suppliers, has expanded its range of Legal Practice Management software options to provide suppliers with more excellent choices and the opportunity to increase their wallet share.

DSS has added Smokeball, Trisearch and EvolveGo support to its go-to-market ‘Dynamic Connect’ platform to provide Scan and Cost Recovery solutions. Smokeball, Trisearch and EvolveGo are all end-to-end software solutions. They offer an array of capabilities that legal enterprises require to simplify their processes and increase productivity and revenue.

“Our resellers can confidently propose our solutions to their clients knowing we support these back end systems.  This gives them the ability to better tailor the right solution for their customers and helps them deliver quality service,” explained Derek Lawton, Senior Account Manager, at Dynamic Software Solutions.

“All of our legal solutions are cloud-based, and therefore dispense with the need for servers. This makes it quicker and easier for our resellers to implement these solutions. For the legal fraternity, it means that they no longer have to invest in servers, plus software upgrades occur seamlessly and without downtime. Our goal is to provide solutions that are easy to implement, improve productivity, increase revenue with local support through people you can speak to”.

“Integrating Dynamic Connect with cloud platforms like Smokeball, Trisearch and EvolveGo provides enormous flexibility.  Staff can work anywhere including home offices or the office with equal access to functionality. With these additional connectors, our resellers can now access a broader range of clients”.

Dynamic Connect
Dynamic Connect is a client productivity solution developed and supported by Dynamic Software Solutions and is the FIRST fully cloud-based solution that provides scanning, time tracking, a mobile app to capture documents and time, and end-to-end printing management that drives down paper and print costs. Dynamic Connect cost recovery accurately attributes print, email, scan, copy, and phone costs to client invoices, and integrates seamlessly with leading third-party business systems.

Smokeball is a cloud-based law practice management software for law firms that run on Windows. Its robust document and automation features are tightly integrated with Microsoft Word and Outlook. Highly intuitive, Smokeball effectively streamlines workflows and automatically captures every billable minute. It tracks all the time spent working on cases in the management software to help law firms enhance their revenue. With Smokeball, lawyers can focus on what matters most – building client relationships.

Trisearch is an Australian, dedicated practice management solution for conveyancers. The all-in-one cloud-based solution lets conveyancers access the software, search and e-conveyancing tools they need to complete matters accurately and efficiently. By transforming the conveyancing process into a seamless workflow and automating administration, Triserach helps law firms complete property transactions successfully, save valuable time and increase revenue.

EvolveGo is Ideal for medium-sized legal firms and is a practice management software solution that combines matter management, document automation and legal accounts in one place. The software delivers a range of best-in-class features that allow lawyers to work productively and collaboratively from the office, remotely or while on the go. Time tracking on matters is automatic for accurate billing. And the automation of documents and processes helps law firms boost efficiency and save hours.

“Highly secure, sophisticated and reliable, Smokeball, Trisearch and EvolveGo are hassle-free practice management software solutions that can transform the efficiency and profitability of law firms.

“What’s more, our resellers can improve their wallet share by selling an end-to-end solution as part of their mix. All three solutions can also be implemented on a monthly billing cycle, saving resellers the need to finance any of these solutions upfront on behalf of their customers.

“There’s no doubt that our richer range of legal practice management software will let our resellers unlock the best solution all around,” said Derek.

To find out more please visit or contact Derek Lawton at +61 (02) 8338 1255.

About Dynamic Software Solutions
Dynamic Software Solutions (DSS) is part of the broader Dynamic Supplies group of companies that specialises in distribution, software and logistics. DSS offers a range of IT solutions, including office productivity, remote monitoring, print management, cost recovery, document capture, dealer marketing, and sustainability programs. These solutions are designed to help end-users operate with greater efficiency, saving them both time and money