Gain control of Protected Healthcare Information (PHI) with Dynamic Software Solutions’s dedicated healthcare solutions. Our Nuance offering empowers your healthcare organisation to streamline electronic and document workflows, delivering the control you need to ensure healthcare document compliance while reducing costs and maximising efficiency.

We also offer a painless way for healthcare organisations to go paperless. Many hospitals and clinics talk about going paperless, yet even organisations that have achieved some improvements still process and print high volumes of documents every day. This massive amount of paper is hard to track and costly to manage while posing a serious risk of document compliance breaches. Nuance’s Healthcare Document Management Solutions can help you control workflows and enhance security when exchanging patient information—all to increase efficiency, reduce costs, and ease your team’s paper pains.

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    We’ve been using FMAudit for 5 years now and Dynamic Software Solutions is considered an integral partner to our business. I’ve witnessed the FMAudit product evolve considerably over these five years and I look forward to seeing that evolution continue over the next five.
    We highly recommend Dynamic Software Solutions and FMAudit.
    Robert Page, Director, Queensland Business Machines

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