Education institutions of all sizes face many challenges related to the way they process, consume, share and store information on paper documents. For example, most education institutions have a high number of users—students, administrative staff, guests, and more—who tend to view printing as a free service. The result is an over-reliance on printing and copying, which is expensive, bad for the environment, and a risk to compliance requirements and the integrity of information. It’s a significant challenge—and an opportunity at the same time.

By implementing efficient document management, budgets can be freed up, teachers can spend more time in the classroom and students can focus on learning. You can reduce costly, time-intensive processes like admissions application and student record management, financial aid and curriculum development when they are freed from the burdens of paper.

To do this, you need intelligent printing, scanning and PDF software to automate these paper-intensive processes. This is where our Kofax offering gets the highest marks. Our leading imaging solutions—including applications from document scanning, print management, cost recovery, and PDF—help K-12 schools, colleges, and universities process, archive, manage, and share paper and digital documents.

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    We’ve been using FMAudit for 5 years now and Dynamic Software Solutions is considered an integral partner to our business. I’ve witnessed the FMAudit product evolve considerably over these five years and I look forward to seeing that evolution continue over the next five.
    We highly recommend Dynamic Software Solutions and FMAudit.
    Robert Page, Director, Queensland Business Machines

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